DSC_2703As a parent finding places I can go safely and comfortably with my children is paramount. Nothing is more frustrating than spending 30 minutes in a waiting room that is ‘family friendly’ shushing my spirited toddler when I’m sick, or she is or when one of us is in pain. Then having to use the entire appointment time redirecting her or keeping her out of unsafe things.

I don’t believe all spaces should be kid friendly. If I go to a spa for a spa like experience, I really would rather not hear screeching kids in the next room. I don’t want to pay $90 for a massage with toddler noise next door. I can get that at home for free! I wouldn’t take my child to a fancy restaurant and expect them to sit still, nor would I expect patrons paying $30 a plate to tolerate my child’s antics. In this busy world with many options, family friendly has taken on a new meaning. It’s no longer just crayons and kids menus at the brewpub, there are playrooms, and train tables. Airports have kid spaces with indoor jungle gyms and chalkboards. Why not take that to the doctor’s office too?

Upon arriving at Dr. Korin’s office you’ll notice things are different right away. First, I work from home. After having my first daughter, I knew that running a small practice was the only way to balance motherhood and work, and working from home would make that balance possible. You’ll notice there isn’t a waiting room. There are some chairs in the hallway, but most of the time, you’ll spend less than 5 minutes sitting there (unless you arrive early). I know your time is as valuable as mine, so I prefer not to waste any of it.

The (one and only) treatment room opens up into the playroom. I use only one treatment room at a time, as I like to devote the time you’re in my office to YOU and your family, not running from room to room spreading myself too thin. By only having one family at a time in the office, there is no concern for noise or activity level. No one is trying to meditate in the next room, trust me. Everything in the office (except the fishtank) is fair game for kids to play with. There are puzzles, blocks, and games. There are stacks of books to enjoy, and if all else fails, there is media access.

One of my favorite ways to work is whole family care. When the whole family comes in together everyone is able to get evaluated and adjusted in a happy, playful, stress free environment. Of course, adults are welcome (and often encouraged!) to come in alone when they need quiet and time to talk. I encourage you to come as you are, show up in the state you’re in because no one expects you (or your kids) to be happy, or quiet or clean.

Relax. Be yourself. Be well.